GIS is a kind of concept that is applicable to mostly all the fields having data as a prime factor(especially geographical data). We can witness many applications of GIS when geographical data combines with non-geographical resources to obtain desired results.

Without knowledge, action is useless and knowledge without action is…

Every process has steps and each step should be appropriate and clear to get desired results. In the same way for complete GIS usability, we implement five steps.

A simple five-step process allows you to apply GIS to any business or
an organizational problem that requires a geographical decision.

  1. Identify…

A Geographical Information System is a system that deals with the geographical positions on the surface of Earth.

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To understand GIS we need to understand the above-mentioned terms.

Geography: Geography is a field of science related to the study of the lands, features, inhabitants, and climatic changes of the Earth…

Everyone is now familiar with the fact that evolution in the field of Technology is rising rapidly. One of the reasons in this kind of development is an amalgamation of advanced science and mathematics.
We know Python is the simplest programming language which we have come across and it greatly helps…

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The GIS software's that are currently standing at the top positions are :

We know, if we want to make food, we need food materials, right? So in the same way to make a system, we need components, the basic parts to build a system either physically or virtually.

In the same way again, to make GIS we need GIS components to get…

Variables are the storage space required for us in the programming to store numbers, strings, etc. Variables are the key components in any programming language.

There are three ways you can declare a variable in JavaScript:

Using the “var” keyword:

When you declare a variable using the “var” keyword, you don’t necessarily need to…

Constructors in Java

The constructors are basically a block of code that gets into action when an object of a class is created. We call the constructor mainly using the “new” keyword.For eg: Human h1 = new Human().

Java constructors are basically is of two types:

  1. No-arg constructor: It simply means constructor with…


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